STEAM 2017


The STEAM2017 Exhibition and Colloquium will explore art, science, and hybrid practices related to water and the environment. The inclusion of Art into core STEM disciplines (aka STEAM-Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) has recently gained academic currency; STEAM ‘philosophy’ advocates inclusion of the Humanities to reinforce and strengthen communication, innovation, and human factors for the sciences. Equally, the Sciences can offer expertise in empirical analysis and technical training to the newest generation of artists.  As such, many institutions have recently started important initiatives or units to support these transdisciplinary methods.
The five week STEAM2017 Exhibition will be curated from an open international call for works that explore these interdisciplinary hybrids. The STEAM2017 Colloquium (9AM to 5PM, March 4, 2017) is a one day conference for artists, scientists, and the public at large to engage in a discourse about the relevancy and potential of interdisciplinary research and action. The team is currently developing the sessions and panels.


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