An exhibition of work by Julie Hughes

September 20, 2012 – November 1, 2012

September 20:     Artist Lecture – Building 82, room 206, 5-6pm

                                     Opening Reception in The Art Gallery: 6-8pm

TAG UWF presents an exhibition of work by Julie Hughes, an installation artist based out of the California Bay Area. Hughes’ fantastical installations of painted surfaces and delicate materials recall the imagery of children’s books. According to the artist, the created environments serve as theatrical investigations of the arbitrary, corruptible, and transient nature of perceived reality.

Yonderly will Contemplate distant “lands,” both real and imaginary, and the spaces between distinct states of being. The installation, made out of painted cut paper and wall drawings, will explore life’s fluctuations and play with the relationships between wake and dream, intuition and knowledge, solidity and instability.