Red All Over

Tiffany Pippin

BFA Exit Exhibition

August 27, 2012 – September 13, 2012

Opening Reception September 6, 2012 6-9pm

Please join us September 6th from 6-9pm for this semesters kick-off exhibition featuring the work of graduating BFA student Tiffany Pippin.  Pippin’s work combines digital media, painting and sculpture to create a narrative that explores issues of abuse, loss of religion, and the affects of social and political misconduct with the hope of redemption and the finding of faith.

-Nick Croghan, Director, TAG UWF

I have always longed to integrate my love of the written word into my artwork in order to tell a story, especially through illustration. In this I find sanctuary through the process of writing and creating.

Growing up in a low-income, broken, “religious” home left me with feelings of resentment and rebelliousness towards authority.  Exploring the world through club life, drug culture and promiscuity proved hurtful and confusing, and while I learned much, I felt more broken than before and unable rely on others or myself.  I longed for a higher purpose, to live for something other than myself.

The inclusion of the red “A”, emphasizing a “Scarlett Letter,” plays well with the concepts presented within the work. This  involves blatant, but often symbolic content representing my own experiences and conditions as well as those I am sympathetic or empathic towards.

-Tiffany Pippin, 2012