Surface Tension // Brandon Hicks + Joshua Whidden // BFA Exit Exhibition

Postcard image by Ian Lett, B.F.A., UWF 2011.


Brandon Hicks +  Joshua Whidden

BFA Exit Exhibition

December 1, 2011 – December 9, 2011 // Opening Reception December 1, 2011 6-8pm


Surface Tension is a collaborative exhibition featuring the work of Brandon Hicks and Joshua Whidden. Sharing a common interest in the traditional disciplines of drawing and painting, both artists pull from similar influences including one another, yet diverge in their individual aesthetic vision. A tension emerges with the biomorphic and surreal sculptures of Brandon Hicks and the collection of still life oil paintings by the artist.   Joshua Whidden’s intimate oil paintings deal with light, form, and formlessness enveloped within surreal landscapes. The artists are drawn together by their obsession with process and surface. Their work seeks to build a certain physical and emotional tension. This is a phenomenon created within and between surfaces. This is Surface Tension.

-Brandon Hicks + Joshua Whidden, 2011


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