Iconicity: Scott Campbell + Albert Exergian

The Art Gallery (TAG) at the University of West Florida (UWF) presents a season of exhibitions exploring the intersection of visual art and design within the context of contemporary art.  The three visiting artist exhibitions: SOS, Schema and Iconicity address the dynamic interaction of fine art and design in both direct and abstract associations, and through varying approaches to media, form and concept.

Postcard design by Richard Humphreys, BA Digital Media, University of West Florida, 2010.


An Exhibition of Work by Scott Campbell and Albert Exergian

March 10, 2011 – April 14, 2011

Opening Reception: March 10, 2011  6-8 pm

Opening reception sponsored by the Lewis Bear Company.


Iconicity is an exhibition of work by two graphic designers, Scott Campbell and Albert Exergian, whose poster designs function as art.  Both artists utilize the poster medium, Campbell for music events or “gigs” and Exergian for television with his Iconic TV series.  The semiotic term “iconicity” refers to the analogous relationship between the form of a sign,  which can be language, sound or image, and the meaning or object to which it refers, or signifies.  In other words, iconicity is the direct and inherent relationship of meaning to form as in the relationship of a portrait to it’s subject.*  In no other discipline is iconicity so thoroughly expressed than in graphic design.  Visual form is crafted to embody concepts creating an iconic image.  The embodiment of  music and television as a visual image is seen in the work of Campbell and Exergian.

Campbell creates rich and lushly layered screen prints that serve as the central image for band posters.  The images are also re-presented as art prints without text.  His work is both distinctive and exemplary of the increasingly popular gig poster design sub-genre.  Exergian’s self-initiated, non-promotional posters for television shows cleverly distill the essence of each TV series into minimal forms and compositions derived from modernist design.  According to the artist, the series was created out of a love for posters, Modernism and television. Both Campbell and Exergian are designers who function as artists through their intelligent treatment of image as both a form for mass communication and an outlet for expression.

Mr. Exergian is a self-employed graphic designer who was born, raised and currently works in Vienna, Austria.  His company, EXERGIAN, founded in 1998, is a Vienna-based design consultancy that specializes in art direction, identity and design for a multitude of applications, media and environments. For more information, please visit his website, exergian.com.  Mr. Exergian’s poster series, Iconic TV, featured in this exhibition, is available for purchase as A1 Epson Giclee prints from British print shop, Blanka.  For more information on purchasing Iconic TV prints, please visit these websites: print-process.com and blanka.co.uk.

Mr. Campbell is a designer, illustrator, and printmaker currently working and living in New Orleans, Louisiana.  He studied printmaking and design at Louisiana State University and Penland School of Crafts. He then devoted his time to screen printing, recording, playing music throughout the United States, and working on print projects within the music and entertainment industries.  In 2009, he  co-established the Chattanooga, Tennessee design and printing collective, Young Monster. His work was displayed at the Museum of Design Atlanta in the exhibition, Graphic Noise (2005) and is featured in several design books including Dirty Fingernails and 1000 Indie Posters (John Foster / Rockport Press). He is passionate about print design, typography, screen printing, and analog synthesizers. For more information, please visit his website, www.scttcmpbll.com.  The posters and prints presented in this exhibition are available for purchase on Mr. Campbell’s website.

-Amy J. Bowman, Curator


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