Genius Loci Artist & Scholar Series: Chip Linscott

Thursday. March 5th @ 4PM

The University of West Florida Department of Art will host the Genius Loci Artist & Scholar Lecture series, an event and lecture by scholar Chip Linscott, Mar. 5 at 4 p.m. in the Center for Fine and Performing Arts Gallery of Art, Building 82. All events are free and open to the public.

Chip Linscott explores temporal and corporeal relations in African 
films, with special emphasis placed on the role of capital and varying
 conceptions of tradition and modernity. Excerpts from the 
films of “Sembene”, “Gerima”, and others will accompany the talk.

Chip Linscott teaches in the Department of Interdisciplinary Arts at Ohio
 University, where he is also a PhD Candidate specializing in film and music. He
 holds degrees in Philosophy/Religious Studies and Interdisciplinary Humanities. Linscott regularly lectures on film, art, education, visual culture, and 
philosophy/theory at national and international conferences. His scholarly
 interests include film theory, visual culture, jazz studies, post-colonialism and trans-nationalism.

The event is part of the UWF Department of Art’s Genius Loci series, a program of visiting artists and scholars supported by the Lefferts L. Mabie Foundation and the UWF Student Government Association. Genius Loci or “Spirit of Place” is the sense of continuity and authenticity of a particular location. Speakers bring with them a sense of their own context, the place from where they produce. Linscott is attending the Genius Loci Lecture series by invitation from UWF Department of Art Visiting Artist Felecia Carlisle.