Genius Loci presents "My Tel Aviv"

“My Tel Aviv an event and lecture by Nili Yosha Sept. 25th at 4 p.m. in the Center for Fine and Performing Arts Art Gallery, Building 82, in the Art Gallery. All events are free and open to the public.

Israeli-American artist
, scholar and activist Nili Yosha, presents her
 photo-project called “My Tel Aviv,” an activist’s
 reflection on the human side of Tel Aviv, unseen by the 
eye of the tourist. Visiting artist Nili Yosha is invited as a part of the Genius Loci’s theme “Friends and Family”, an invitation by lecture series coordinator and Art Faculty, Felecia Carlisle.

The daughter of independent filmmakers Yaki and Dorit Yosha, Nili worked in the Department of Art for the Yosha’s latest feature film entitled, “Still Walking,” a drama about contemporary Israeli life. As the 2008 Haas/Koshland award winner, an award for a year of independent work in Israel, she will continue to develop her photo essay series, “My Tel Aviv“, study Arabic, and translate a novel for her Masters Thesis in Literature from San Francisco State University beginning in January of 2009.